Pacific Rim recognizes the importance of total commitment in maintaining and promoting safety and healthy working conditions and attitudes. This commitment requires equal participation and responsibility at all levels and extends to the security of our client’s personnel, employees, production equipment and facilities. We have found that involving our workers with verifying all hazard assessments, field level risk assessment and the development of safe work procedures, has proven to be a vital component for preventing incidents. As the construction industry continues to evolve, we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to improve our safety program and to further educate our front line supervision, field workers and all additional personnel. As our safety program continues to improve we believe that it will help others become more aware and strive to improve their safety standards which will generate value in all aspects of the workplace. We believe that health and safety should not be compromised. Pacific Rim continues to lead by example through ongoing education, training and encouragement for all employees. With an onsite Safety Officer, and our Corporate Safety Officer available to provide support, verify and monitor progress, we are confident that our working relationships will be successful.




All Injuries Can Be Prevented

We have to and can do things differently.


Safety Has Overriding Priority

In all our activities, safety is not to be compromised.


Involvement in Safety Is Essential

People’s involvement in safety activities is the best way to build safety awareness, ownership and compliance.


Safety Is a Line Responsibility

Everyone in the line of authority from executive to manager, Supervisor and worker is responsible and accountable for the Prevention of injuries within their sphere of influence.


Safety Is Built-In To Every Job

Safety is part of doing it right the first time.


Success in Safety Is Contagious

Safety excellence generates value in all aspects of the business, and enhances home and off-the-job safety.


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